My Favorite Asakusa’s Food

  • 2019年3月20日
  • 2019年5月11日
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Do you know Asakusa?Have you ever been to Asakusa?
I often Asakusa because my house is near to Asakusa.
So this time!
I introduce famous food of Asakusa by ranking form.

Let’s Go!


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Fifth is 『Ningyoyaki』

Ningyoyaki is made of pastry and bean jam. It’s famous for a number of people.
It’s bought as souvenirs, and available on the spot.

It cost 100〜150 yen. It’s affordable!!

There are many Ningyoyaki shops.

Let’s find out what you like!

Nakamise street

Ningyoyaki vary in design from shop to shop, and I bought Ningyoyaki described Kaminarimon『雷門』.

NIngyoyaki described kaminarimon『雷門』

Also, there is Ningyoyaki shaped pigeon and temple.

Let’s go Ningyoyaki shops and find out what you like!



Fourth is 『Kaminariokoshi』

Kaminariokoshi is famous for Asakusa. It’s mainly sold as souvenirs but can be eaten on the spot.


It cost 300 yen!!
I took out it and ate while watching television.
There is a variety of taste such as white sugar, banana chocolate and strawberry.

【Third】Rice cake

Third is 『Rice cake』

There are many shops as rice cake but my favorite shop is 『Terakoya』

There is a variety taste such as soy sauce, curry and etc.

This time, I bought labor roll rice cake.

It cost 150〜200yen!

【Second】Curry pan 『Toyofuku』

Second is 『Curry pan』

There is 『Toyofuku』straight 「Nakamise street」and turn left 「Denpoin street」

『Toyohuku』is specialty shop as curry pan.
It seems that many entertainer buy as insertion.


It cost 290 yen!


Not only adults but also children can eat it.

It is often sold out by 17:00~18:00.
I suggest you that you visit it by 16:30 to eat for sure.

【First】Menchikatsu『Asakusa Menchi』

First is 『Menchikatsu』

There is 『Asakusa Menchikatsu』next to『Toyofuku』

It is featured in many medias and is crowded wherever I go to it.

This Menchikatsu is very hot!
It cost 180 yen!!

It is very very delicious!!

I want you to eat it!

At the end

If you want to eat in introducing foods, let’s go to Asakusa!

There is many food in Asakusa besides introducing foods.

Let’s eat and sightsee!



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